Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before and After at I heart Faces

This challenge has been kind of fun!  I started looking at all my old pictures and had a great time critiquing my photos!  I made all the same beginner errors, and sometimes still do, that most beginners do.  I used a flash all the time, centered the pictures, took shots from awkward angles, didn't get close enough, etc. etc.!!  I know I am by no means a professional yet, and my journey has been slow, but... I do believe I am getting better.   And, not only at taking the pictures, but at editing the pictures!  Although I made some dreadful errors in that category too, I won't get into that though!  Needless to say, I have improved, and I am grateful to I heart faces for the fun challenges and techniques that make me focus on things I might not think of!  I have had a great time participating, even when you don't win.  I hope I can keep improving and getting to a point that I will be happy with!

So... I really started becoming involved in photography in college, 2001-2002.  But... I didn't really do anything to get better at it.  I took our family pics every once in a while, and sometimes for others.  I did a few engagement pics for friends and family, and I took some of my kids.  But... I didn't really get all gungho about it until Madisyn was born.  I had finally gotten a SLR camera and we had just moved into our own house.  We have the wood floors and wide open windows in the kitchen.  I started noticing the natural light more and even though I still shot in auto, I could tell a difference in my shots even then!  I was still using flash, but then finally started moving away from that.  Then, I got some studio lights so that I could do some pics in the house too.  I thought I was doing so well, but I still had a lot to improve on, and I am grateful for that.  This year I added a couple new lens's, and I have seen a ton of improvement in that too!  Now, I hope to start working towards always shooting in manual... that is my goal for the rest of the year, but it is something I am scared to take on for the fear of not getting great shots!  I guess I will have to learn sometime though! So... here are my before pics.
Still using the flash....
Just got lucky with this shot.
Can I leave any more clutter around?
What is up with the editing?  Didn't realize yet what could be done.
Love these two pics, just need to work on the lighting and making the eyes more the focus.
Learning to shoot with lights... still have a ways to go!
But... here are my after pics shot this month!
Love this pic of Raigan... I think I need to tone the skin softening down now that I see it on here.
These two were pretty much straight out of the camera... just a levels boost and contrast.
I am a long ways from becoming a professional, but I feel that my shots have improved quite a bit.  I hope that I can keep improving and working towards always making my shots something I will appreciate and love 10 years down the road!


Becca September 2, 2009 at 4:54 AM  

You have definitely improved! :-) I love your pictures - thanks for sharing!!

shopannies September 2, 2009 at 2:01 PM  

great pictures I hope I get as good as you do


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