Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fix it Friday... on Saturday!

So, I didn't get to play along yesterday, but since they are doing it again today, I can!  Yeah... so here is the original.  Such a beautiful picture, but I have a hard time with the colors in the brick; it seems to make her coloring a greenish yellow!  But... here it is.
Here are my edits, one black and white, and one with a little bit of color!  I also added a texture!
Such a beautiful little girl!  Head on over to I Heart Faces if you want to play, or to see some other great edits!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I heart faces: nostalgic

This is one of my absolute favorite photos of Madisyn. It is funny that this week is nostalgic, because I had finally gotten around to printing pictures this week. I was finishing some editing on this picture, and thinking back on her little life so far. I couldn't believe how much she had grown in just the last 5 months since this picture was taken. I looked at the flower in her hair, and how I had made it for Sydney when she was about the same age as Madisyn in this picture. Her hair, barely able to hold that sweet flower, and now it is long enough to do pigtails. The dress, I made for her after seeing some cute ones on the internet and it reaches the ground in that picture, yet now is to her knees. And... can you see how she holds her hands as she is balancing. She was just really starting to walk around and she always held her hands like this! I thought is was so cute, and I miss those precious moments of that time! She is my youngest; and you never know what is going to happen, so you sometimes wonder if these will be the last precious baby moments you will have. I treasure those moments and love looking back at these pictures and re-living those moments! Now that I am teary and really nostalgic, I'll show you the picture!

Head on over to I heart Faces to see some other great entries!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Silly faces at I heart faces

This week is a silly or crazy face at I heart faces. At first I didn't think I had anything. I didn't remember taking any crazy faces recently. But, then I remembered our trip to Disneyland... And my dad... He was being crazy and funny on the Wild Grizzly ride. We made him do the face a few times as a matter of fact! We were all laughing so hard!! So... here it is without further adieu!

I give you.....TURTLE!!!!

That is what we thought he looked like anyways! Too bad it was such a bright day and facing the wrong way to get a not too bright pic! But, we sure had fun anyways! Have a great day yourself, enjoy the crazy and fun moments! Go check out I heart faces for some more great faces!

Ok... I keep trying to post the button and it gives me an error saying I can't post this code... anyone able to tell me why and what do I need to do? Any help would be great! Thanks...

another note... for some reason I somehow entered into the pet category without meaning too... I must be having troubles today, time to get off the computer before I crash something! So, I am really only entered the silly face, not the pets, although we did call him Turtle, he really isn't... so I hope I am not disqualified! Sorry...and Thanks!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet Boy at I heart Faces!

It is Fix-it-Friday over at I heart Faces. This is such a sweet and fun picture, and I thought it would look great with the technique I learned in the Jessica Sprague class. So, here are a couple of fixes. One with a clipping mask, and the other without!
To get this look, I:
adjust saturation anywhere from 50-60
adjust hue to 35, and click the colorize button
Then choose soft light in your layers tools
adjust levels as needed
adjust middle level toward the right to darken the picture
Change your color to black
Click your gradient button, and make sure it is on the circle gradient
click in the middle of the picture and drag to a corner. It should lighten the middle and darken the egdes. Then you can go over it with a brush if needed to lighten anything else.
I almost forgot... I also lighted the highlights in his eyes a little bit by dodging. His eyes are so blue and they should pop! I could barely see them when I zoomed in on this pic though, so I couldn't really do much with them other than dodge a little.
Then if you want, add a mask. I love the effects of this look and have been using it a lot! Need to learn some new tricks now too!


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